February 7th 2014: The Blues Chapter


A blistering two sets from the Blues Chapter last night. Some say that left handers have innate artistic and creative abilities, eg Paul McCartney, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix to name just three.  The Blues Chapter, that laid-back band of left-handed layabouts (Bass Player Sam excluded) brought their rocking Blues set back to St Harmonica's. We heard shades of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore and Little Feat amongst the repertoire. The left handed Sky Wood delivered charisma in shovel loads to his front man duties along with smouldering vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitar. Niol Sweeney, the finest left-handed drummer in the world, was back on the drum throne with his right hand man Sam Gannon next to him on bass . The multi-talented Daniel Monsurate continues to play keyboards with both hands while southpaw Jesse Thomas blasted the rocking guitar that the band have become known for.  Quite possibly the best Bues Chapter gig we have yet seen.


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