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What a great night!

One of the best evenings of Blues I’ve ever been to…..anywhere!

The most entertaining set for a long time

I can’t believe this is all available right here on our doorstep!

Paul Lamb is just amazing, great feel but so entertaining too

Paul Lamb


These are just some of the comments we got during and at the end of the evening of 29th August when Harmonica legend Paul Lamb and his guitarist and vocalist Chad Strentz performed their acclaimed acoustic duo set at St Harmonicas. Two players working together at what they do best, playing what they feel and feeling what they do. That’s what their promotional literature says and it turned out to be spot on. These two entertained us with two sets of terrific acoustic Blues with some great takes and arrangements of traditional tunes as well as their own stuff. A packed crowd sat spell bound, enthralled by the quality of the voices and musicianship. Paul took to wandering through the crowd, in the manner of the Bluesmen of old, playing his harmonica, singing and getting great response from the crowd to his calls.

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